The Hangover… remedy!

We’ve all had a crazy night (where we’ve ended up passed out in a bathroom with a tiger and a random baby), leading to a hangover the next day. We’ve had to rely on tried and true remedies, such as pain relievers, water, and sleep. But now, there’s a new FDA approved drug on the market that claims to cure hangovers within 15 to 30 minutes. In the New York Daily News, Brenna Haysom, creator of Blowfish, says that the combination of 1000mg of aspirin, 120mg of caffeine, and a stomach soothing agent, combined into effervescent pills, works more effectively than taking aspirin, coffee, and antacids separately. This hangover helper is just $2.99 per dose, and is currently available at Ricky’s stores and online, and will be available in-store at Duane Reade starting in January. Just in time for the holidays… CHEERS!

2 Comments on “The Hangover… remedy!”

  1. I personally like Airborne for a hangover, but I’ve heard Pedialyte is really good too b/c it replenishes your electrolytes. Perhaps you can give us your opinion…from a scientific perspective 😉

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