OMG I love this song! Lily Allen, “Who’d Have Known”

You might recognize this song from T-Pain’s current hit, “5 o’clock.” Despite T’s Auto-Tune prowess, I was most drawn to the soft spoken intro. I was surprised to find that it was sampled from Lily Allen’s full length song “Who’d Have Known,” released in 2009. Allen’s version features an upbeat chorus and catchy lyrics. The video’s pretty funny too!

2 Comments on “OMG I love this song! Lily Allen, “Who’d Have Known””

  1. I love Lilly Allen! I first discovered her about 3 years ago when she kept coming up on my Pandora and I bought this album as soon as it came out. Unfortunately, she’s semi-retired right now, but she’s doing the music for the West End version of Bridget Jones that opens next year. Maybe we should make a trip to go see it ๐Ÿ™‚

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