Living on the Edge

As soon as the sun goes down, an intense breeze takes over Santa Marta! I found out later, this only happens for about 2 months of the year. It’s almost like a daily cooling down of the city, which is a nice change from the direct sun and heat during the day.  A few blocks from the hostel is a small alley street, Carrera 3, which leads to Parque de Los Novios. The street has several great restaurants and bars, and come sundown, is the center of the action. Great for people watching!


I saw two little boys playing nearby. They were having a great time, totally oblivious to the people eating dinner around them. Then they got a little adventurous and climbed up to the window ledges and jumped off. My friend B jokingly said I should blog about it as a metaphor for “Living on the Edge!” It was fun to witness that childhood energy and fearlessness. And maybe it will inspire me to be a little more daring myself!

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