La Brisa Loca Hostel, Santa Marta

I’m finding that each hostel I’ve stayed at has been an improvement on the one before! La Brisa Loca was a great place to stay in Santa Marta. It’s located in the center of the historic district, convenient to many of the sights, restaurants, and nightlife.  The center of the two floor hostel is open to the air, and ground floor actually has a pool!  There is also a rooftop deck, where they host yoga classes 5 days a week.

The rooms have high ceilings and fans. There’s even AC, but I didn’t use it. The bathroom was a decent size… but no hot water! Since the weather in Santa Marta is so warm, it really wasn’t that bad. The sheets and towels were great too (the little things can make such a difference!).

The staff and all the other guests were very friendly, and I really enjoyed the social vibe. Great place to stay!

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