That time I tasered a Welsh guy

Super Bowl Sunday in Santa Marta!

The hostel hosted a Super Bowl party in the upstairs bar. A lot of Americans and international peeps alike. We sat at a table with Neil from Pittsburgh, and Simon and Jack from Wales.

The guys bought a taser while in Paraguay, and brought it up to the bar with them. They ask if I want to try it out – of course I said NO! Simon says I can taser him instead… so naturally I did. For research purposes of course! He said it didn’t hurt; more of a little shock and a pinch than outright pain. Then the taser gets passed around the bar and all the boys try it out… girls are just too smart for that sort of ridiculousness!

11 Comments on “That time I tasered a Welsh guy”

  1. Guys! They’d eat dog poo if you dared them! LOL! Glad you’re having a good time. You look so pretty in the purple. Enjoying the accounts of your travels every day. Keep it up!

  2. Haha! I still have a taser I bought back in college for the same purpose — juvenile male fun. It was a huge hit at parties. Got my buddy Pete right in the jugular. It really doesn’t hurt all that much.

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