El Viajero

I love this hostel!

A lovely mural depicting the very depressing tale of a woman who is abandoned by her fiancé, and goes on to kill herself!

The bartender at La Brisa Loca recommended this hostel in Cartagena. At 70,000 COP/ person/ night, it’s pricer than the other hostels I’ve stayed at, but worth the price. Especially in expensive Cartagena! It’s located in a very safe area of old city.  The main building has the reception desk, a large communal area, and bar. There were nightly activities too, which is a great way to meet other travelers. Our room was actually in the annex. At first I was nervous that it would be like the first hostel I stayed in, where we had a single room directly on the street. But it turns out that they have a whole other building, just a few doors down. It was great! The impression I got was that the main building, which housed all the dorm room/ bunk bed style rooms catered to a younger crowd. The annex seems to geared towards people who a little older, which was fine with me! It was nice to come home to a quiet place to sleep.

Window faces the courtyard/ dining area.

This hostel had a (one!) communal toilet and shower, which I was initially worried about. I haven’t had to share bathrooms like that since college, and the fact that there was only one for about 15 people seemed problematic, but here was never a line for the bathroom/ shower so it somehow all worked out.  Again, there was no hot water, but the water wasn’t cold. Refreshing after being in the heat all day. Also, everything was SO CLEAN! I’m still kind of amazed by how everything was so spotless. There is a very nice lady who worked in the annex, and she does an amazing job! She even sets out breakfast (included on the cost) on the big dining table every morning. The people who work at the front desk are also very friendly, and very helpful in making booking tours. I highly recommend El Viajero; of all the hostels I stayed in while in Colombia, this was the best!

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