Nightlife in Colombia

When we were in Bocagrande, a guy came up to me and asked if I was a Philadelphia Eagles fan. He said he noticed my t-shirt  – which had the Philly LOVE park logo. (The shirt actually says American Eagle, but hey, close enough). Turns out he was from Philly and moved to Colombia to teach English for a year. He told  us that the best bar in the area was Mr. Babilla, and to tell the bouncers that G, AKA “The Puerto Rican” sent us. I love meeting friendly people and getting recommendations like that! So of course Robyn and I went there that night, and true to his word, we had no problem getting in, and we didn’t have to pay cover!

This place is A-MA-ZING! The music is fantastic, every single person is on the dance floor, and best of all, they have choreographed dancers! That night, the dancers were wearing construction outfits!

Robyn and I discovered our new favorite pop duo, Nacho y Chino, whose hit song is called “Nina Bonito.” Robyn has since developed a serious crush on Chino!

We had so much fun we went back a few days later, which happened to be FBI night!

Our last nights in Bogota were also a lot of fun! We ended up in the “T Zone” both nights. We met up with Daisy’s friend Leonardo at the Bogota Beer Company, and then went to the Shanghai Club. They were having a HUGE Carnival celebration! All the girls got flower leis and the boys got traditional hats. Everyone working there were dressed as traditional Carnival characters. In order to get a table by the dance floor, we got bottle service… which was about a third of the price at home! The music at this place was awesome, and the dancing was unbelievable!

Another night we went out with Diana, Jose, and their friends. First stop was Johnny Cay. Then we headed to another part of the city to hear Diana’s friend’s band. It was so much fun!  Her parents stopped by too; apparently her dad played at that same bar in his younger days!


Glad that we got to cap off our time in Bogota with some fun nightlife!

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