Table Mountain

The beautiful mountain that serves as the backdrop for Cape Town is Table Mountain. This flat topped mountain is believed to be amongst the oldest mountains in the world, and owes its relatively short height to years of erosion.

Going to the top of Table Mountain is a must-do in Cape Town, and being fairly active travelers, we decided to hike up.  Of course we didn’t look at the map until AFTER the fact, when we learned that we had take the steepest and most difficult trail! At 1085 meters, the hike to Platteklip Gorge is quite challenging, and the trail is essentially a series of rock steps. It took us about 2.5 – 3 hours, including the many (much needed) rest stops. Perhaps it was for the best that we didn’t know how difficult it would be prior to the climb, or we may have been dissuaded! I suppose I should use the experience as a metaphor for “Life is about the journey, not the destination.” Or “You won’t know what obstacles lie ahead of you in life, but when you take things one step at a time, you can overcome any challenge!”

Unfortunately for us, we started the hike at noon… peak sun time. Also unfortunate, none of us brought enough water! But we weren’t about to turn back.

And finally, we made it to the top, HOORAY! Our reward was 360 degrees of amazing views.



And LOTS of water. And a popsicle too!

We took the easy way out by taking the cable car back down to the entrance. It was 100 ZAR, or approximately $13 USD. The base of the cable car spun around so everyone could see the different views!

I am so glad that we hiked Table Mountain. It was hard, but I was proud of us for making it to the top! And it made for a good excuse to eat a huge bowl of pasta for dinner!

6 Comments on “Table Mountain”

  1. What spectacular views! You look so relaxed! It’s wonderful to see the pictures of you. So happy that you’re having such a grand adventure!

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