Safari Day 2: Morning Game Drive

My college roommate, Amy, loves giraffes! For the four years we lived together at Penn State, her friends and family would get her giraffe trinkets as gifts, so she had quite the collection. During one of our many late-night, dorm-room conversations, we talked about how cool it would be to go on a safari and see them in person one day. And years later, here I am!  So this post is for you, Amy; I thought of you every time I saw one of these guys!

Did you notice that ginormous spider in the upper right hand corner of the photo above?? Here’s a close-up shot, with its massive web. For reference, those smaller spiders are about the size of the ones we have at home.

EEK! Due to the cyclone that hit the area in January, there is an overpopulation of spiders, and their webs are everywhere! They are huge, and have neon colored markings, which make them even more intimidating. According to Ranger Westley, they are “poisonous, but not dangerous.” What does that even mean?!  I assume their venom would be enough to temporarily paralyze the bite area, but not enough to kill a human due to our size. But I wasn’t willing to chance it! We constantly had to duck as our vehicle drove under the webs.  One actually fell into the car and someone tossed it over to me (Thanks Sunil!).  Hearing our shrieks, Ranger Westley stopped the car and got it out for us. I’m pretty sure he thought we were acting like prissy city folk, but seriously, I did not want my next blog post to be titled “That time I got bit my a huge scary spider!”

Then we saw the elusive cheetah! Unfortunately he was out of there in a flash, so I didn’t get a good photo.

But we saw a bunch of giraffes! They are so beautiful to see in person.


Water Buffalo

Springbok leaping across the road!

Fresh lion tracks!

And a mischievous little monkey!

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