Welcome to Zambia!

I couldn’t imagine being this close to Victoria Falls, and not swinging by for a visit! We took a short flight from Joburg to Livingstone, which is located on the Zambian side of Vic Falls. Our stay for this side trip is at the charming Jollyboys Backpackers.

The accommodations are completely adequate, albeit a little shabby. G and I had a private ensuite room (one of the rooms in that yellow building in the background of the photo), and didn’t have any hot water for the duration of our stay, but since it was so hot out, it really wasn’t that bad. Also, this being a tropical climate, and having a garden style room, we had some creepy crawly visitors! I credit my (slight) tolerance for cockroaches to a Hawaii trip back in 2006… although these were wayyyyy bigger! Anyhow, the good thing about staying in hostels is that you get over the little things, and they don’t bother you quite as much.

Onto the really important things!  The hostel has a cool common area, and a very affordable restaurant/ bar (all open air), as well as a pool!

Additionally the staff were very helpful and friendly. The one downside was the lack of free internet. In this day and age, I feel that free wifi should be provided, as it was in most of the other hostels I’ve stayed in thus far. In this case it cost 10,000 Kwatcha / hour ($2USD), which isn’t very expensive, but unfortunately, it was painfully slow. So all my time was eaten up while waiting for my photos and blog posts to upload.  The best part of the hostel was the people! We made a ton of great friends from all over the world, and had some amazing conversations. For me, this is the heart and soul of a hostel, and speaks volumes. Overall, I think this place is worth checking out, and most likely your best bet in Livingstone. Jollyboys offers free pick up from the airport, and is located very close to restaurants and ATMs.

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