Zambezi sunsets with an African Queen

Since we got into Livingstone mid-afternoon, we wanted to take advantage of the rest of the day. Our hostel offered a lot of tours, so we decided to try a river cruise. After a morning of traveling, we thought it would be a relaxing way to end the day.

That's Victoria Falls, thundering in the background!

We hopped onboard the African Queen, a beautiful old-fashioned riverboat. It actually reminded me of the sort of thing I picture rollin down the Mississippi River! The chairs were incredibly comfortable. There’s nothing I find more relaxing than enjoying a refreshing drink with friends, outdoors, by the water, and this experience hit all three marks!

Hungry hungry hippos!

We got a better view of these guys on this river boat cruise than we did on the safari, so we felt pretty lucky!

The Three Musketeers… I think it’s safe to say we bonded on this trip!

Look, it’s our friend Nell! Our new pal from the hostel told us she’d be Microlighting this evening, which is apparently the best way to see the falls. We joked that this had to be her. Well, wouldn’t you know that this really WAS her!

Zambezi Sunsets of both varieties!

Lots more sunset photos… each one better than the last!


Goodnight Victoria Falls… see you tomorrow!

6 Comments on “Zambezi sunsets with an African Queen”

  1. Fantastic pictures! Great to read that you are finally in Zim and Zam, the lands of Rhodesia. It must have been an amazing journey. Waiting to see your pictures of the Fall.

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