Torrey Pines State Reserve

Some of San Diego’s best features are all the incredible outdoor pursuits available within the city limits. Torrey Pines State Reserve was recommended as a must-see destination by our new friends Jen and Jared, so Kedar and I headed up there for a hike on a sunny afternoon.

Torrey Pines is a 2,000 acre State Reserve located near La Jolla, with over 8 miles of trails. The park is home to the Pinus torreyana, the rarest native pine in the United States. In fact, this is the only location in the world where this particular species grows naturally. What makes the Torrey Pine unique is that it is able to thrive in harsh conditions including perpetual drought, poor soil conditions, and full exposure to the elements. Many people describe the tree as having a tough character and willpower, allowing it to persevere despite the odds. My kind of tree!

The views were spectacular!

Lots of great hiking trails. Fairly easy overall, with several trails less than a mile. However, the Beach trail and Broken Hill trail, a 3 mile loop taking you to and from the beach, has a steep decline/incline.

And then we got to the beach!

Right after this photo was taken, I took my shoes off and walked in the sand alongside the water. I knew that I’d probably regret it once I had to hike back in sandy shoes, but I couldn’t resist!

I love the contrast of the orange cliffs with the bright blue sky!

The deets:
Torrey Pines is located off of Rt. 5, between La Jolla and Del Mar. The park opens at 8am and closes between 5pm and 8pm, depending on the time of year. Parking is $10/car.

2 Comments on “Torrey Pines State Reserve”

  1. Tough character and willpower allowing it to survivie no matter what the odds – sounds like it should be an inspirtaion to anyone! I might have to print on of these pics and look at it whent times seem gloomy! Once again, your pictures are awesome. Enjoy!

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