The World’s Most Expensive Magazine?

Once at the Auckland airport, I had some time to kill, and leftover currency to spend. I must admit, I was shocked at how expensive some of the typical airport items were! I went for a bottle of water for $5.12 NZD ($4.03 USD), which seems astronomical. But the real shocker was how expensive all the magazines were!

Would you spend $21.00 NZD ($16.50 USD) on a magazine?! Luckily I had plenty of reading material of my own to keep me occupied during my flight, so I didn’t have to break the bank!

Upon reaching Melbourne, and exiting the gates, I saw two of my favorite people! My cousin Kish, who came to pick me up,  as well as my cousin Ahil from Sydney.

Turns out he was in town for  short business trip, and thought he’d try to catch me before his flight. It was a great surprise, and a great way to kick off my time in Australia!

10 Comments on “The World’s Most Expensive Magazine?”

  1. I’ve only paid that much for a magazine once – I was in Brazil and DESPERATE to read something in English for a few hours… It was suuuper indulgent and I loved it! ha ha… but definitely not an everyday splurge 🙂 Looks like you’re having fun – keep up the adventures!

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