Do you come from a land down under?

I love Australia! This is actually my fourth trip to the land down under. The first was a family trip, and the others have been solo. But not really solo because I have family here! So the primary reason for  this particular trip is spending some quality time with them. The sightseeing will take a backseat, although there’s still a lot of fun stuff going on.

As always, there was a train ride to downtown Melbourne. Here’s the requisite shot of me in front of Flinders Station!

And St. Paul’s Cathedral

Across from the station is Federation Square, one of  Victoria’s most visited attractions. The public square is bounded by  Swanson, Flinders, and Russel Streets, and the Yarra River.

It was a dreary, chilly day so we spent most of it in Melbourne Central, a large shopping mall/ entertainment complex.

The focal point of this mall is Coop’s Shot Tower. Rather than demolishing this historical site, completed in 1888, it was incorporated into the designs of the complex, and is housed under a 84 meter high glass roof. The  shot tower was functional until 1961, producing 6 tons of shot weekly, until demand for lead shot declined due to firearm regulations. There you go, shopping with a side of history!

I love coming back to Melbourne! Do you have a favorite travel destination that you keep going back to?

5 Comments on “Do you come from a land down under?”

  1. That thing looks like its leaning and I would not want to be in the area if that thing tips over.

  2. It’s definitely my kind of history when it’s combined with a mall…or shopping centre as we call them down under. The place I keep going back to again and again and again is Paris, France. I love it there.
    Great blog btw, and if I get to wear a labcoat while I read I am IN!

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