1000 Steps

Travel has an uncanny way of steering you in a new direction. In my case, I’ve noticed that I’ve been spending a lot more time on outdoor pursuits… and I love it! My aunt enjoys hiking, so I accompanied her on the 1000 Steps hike in Dandenong National Park.

According to the Victoria Parks website:
The Victorian veterans of the Kokoda campaign adopted this park as their memorial site in 1998. The similarity of the walk to the first 100 metres of the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea resulted in the establishment of the 14 plaques along the walk, dedicated to those Australian Military Forces who fought and died on Kokoda. The 1000 steps represent the “Golden Staircase” a name given by Australian soldiers to the 2000 steps cut by the Australian Army Engineers and others into the track between Uberi and Imita Ridge. 

The Kokoda Trail is about 3 Km and has a steep incline. Who needs a stair master when you have the natural version? It was a killer workout;  I definitely felt it in my glutes the next day!

Along the way we saw some cool flora and fauna (taking photos = great excuse to stop for a rest!).

I even saw my first wild kangaroo! I couldn’t believe how close I was!

A fun morning, and some much needed exercise… to counterbalance all the goodies I’ve been eating during my travels!

4 Comments on “1000 Steps”

  1. Coooool! Did you try to climb into the kangaroo’s pouch? Apparently it can be done – I saw Peter do it on “Family Guy!”

  2. Hmm I just left a comment but i don’t think it saved! That is awesome about seeing your first kangaroo in the wild! It was hard to explain to my friends back home that it doesn’t happen everywhere when you are there :). I’ve been to Dandenong national park but not to these 1000 steps. I never heard of this memorial to the Kokoda trail, although I have heard of the Kokoda trail before. They have some really interesting info about it in the war memorial in Canberra if i recall. I will have to check this out next time I find myself in the Melbourne area.

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