Eating my way through Singapore, Anthony Bourdain style

I think Anthony Bourdain is the coolest New Yorker ever. He was one of the few celebrities I was hoping to run into during the four years I lived in NYC. And then 2 days before I moved, I was walking down E. 85th Street and who was walking towards me? Anthony freakin Bourdain! Of course all I could do was smile and say hello, and he kindly did the same, although he was probably wondering who the random girl grinning at him was! Anyhow, love him, and love his show, The Layover. One episode took place in Singapore, and ever since I watched it,  I was dying to visit!

As luck would have it, my friend Amit was in Singapore the same week as me, and he introduced me to his friend Dapheny who lives there. Dapheny took us to Newton Food Centre, an open-air hawker market. The night we went, the place was packed, and full of local families.

As soon as we walked in, a worker seated us at a table with a number on it. Then we walked around to all the different stalls ordering what we liked, and gave them our table number.  Afterwards, someone from each stand delivered the food directly to our table. Now that’s service!

We tried EVERYTHING. Including the famous black pepper crabs and chili stingray. Incredibly delicious!

Fresh coconut and sugar cane juice… yum!

And for dessert we ordered shaved ice. Seemed pedestrian enough, until I saw that it had corn on top, and beans underneath! It reminded me of the famous shaved ice stand in Oahu where they also serve beans with dessert! Alongside was a plate of what I can only describe as the jello sampler platter.  The little round ones are called “tadpoles!” It also had rambutan on top, which is amongst my favorite fruits. Some parts didn’t seem to have much flavor (I guess it’s more about texture) and some parts were overly sweet. Weren’t my favorite desserts in the world, but definitely refreshing in that unbelievable Singapore humidity, and as always, I was glad to try so many new things!

Thanks again to Dapheny for being our tour guide on this gastronomical adventure! It was a great way to kick off my time in Singapore.

What’s the most unique food you’ve ever eaten while traveling? Would you try shaved ice with corn and beans?

7 Comments on “Eating my way through Singapore, Anthony Bourdain style”

  1. Sadly, I think the most exotic thing I tried while traveling is a Nutella crepe in Paris! That was before Nutella was EVERYWHERE in the states, though. Haha. Sounds like you had a great culinary adventure! (And so jealous that you saw Bourdain!! He’s a pompous ass sometimes, but you gotta love him for that!)

  2. Interesting, I was just watching Anthony Bourdain’s DVD last week to get a glimpse of the places he visited. Singapore is famous for its fusion food, have a great gastronomical time there.

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