Enjoying the high life atop the Marina Bay Sands

The Marina Bay Sands is one of Singapore’s newest, and most unique additions to its harbor skyline.  At $8 Billion SGD (roughly $6.3 Billion USD), it is  “the world’s most expensive standalone casino property.” The complex also houses a 2,561 room luxury hotel, convention center, mall, museum, theaters, restaurants, and an ice rink. If all of that isn’t enough, the three towers are topped a 150 meter infinity swimming pool, set on top of the world’s largest cantilevered platform. Breathtaking! I had somehow never heard of this place until my friend Ryan mentioned it. And once I saw photos on the internet, I desperately wanted to stay at this architectural marvel!  However, with rooms starting at $500 USD per night, it was just a *smidge* out of my price range. (Instead, my accommodations were in a windowless hotel room, with barely enough space to fit me and my bag.  Surprisingly, that establishment did not have a rooftop pool.)

For the rest of us, tickets to the SkyPark can be purchased for $20 SGD, but unfortunately that amazing pool is limited to hotel guests only. Gotta keep the riffraff out! And then there’s option C: have a cocktail at SkyLounge. No tickets or cover charge, same amazing view, and the opportunity to party with Eduardo Saverin.  Dapheny mentioned that the Facebook magnate, and biggest celebrity in Singapore, dictates where the hotspot du jour is, and that the Marina Bay is one of his favorites. I didn’t see him that night, but I’m sure he was sipping his tax-free champagne in a VIP lounge somewhere!

The pool… wish I could have swam in it!

Stunning views, awesome music, and a great night out! Next time I come to Singapore, I want to stay in this hotel!

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