Marriott Renaissance Kuala Lumpur

After my last post, I got a request to see photos of my upgraded “LifeStyle” room, on the Club Level floor . While it wasn’t a suite at the Venetian, the seated rain-style shower, bathrobes, and spectacular view were much-appreciated changes from hostel living! And this room also had CABLE! On my travels thus far, I haven’t missed TV at all. Most places I stayed along the way didn’t have a TV to begin with, and I never bothered to turn it on at the one hostel room that did. However, here in KL, I discovered the glory that is MTV Asia! It’s a whole other world of pop and dance music that I never knew existed… love it!

And I already mentioned the view!

Another perk of staying in such a fancy schmancy hotel was the free breakfast buffet. This was actually a surprise bonus, but honestly? The breakfast alone is reason enough to stay at this place! They had several stations dedicated to a variety of cuisines, including Malaysian, Indian, Chinese, and Western, in addition to a full bakery, fruit bar, and chocolate fountain. Sometimes Β it’s the little things that make you happy!

Every now and then, it’s good to kick back and relax a little. My travel style tends to be go-go-go, so sometimes it’s nice to chill out by the pool! A few hours of down time before more sightseeing.

Β What type of accommodation do you prefer while traveling? Do you take advantage of hotel amenities, or are you out and about all day?

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