Shopping in KL

I’m not a big shopper when I’m traveling. For starters, I don’t like being weighed down with a large bag (I’ve learned that lesson the hard way!). I’m also trying to become more minimalist with my belongings.  And truthfully,  I’ve found that things are often cheaper in the US than overseas.Go figure! That being said, I do enjoy going to local markets and seeing what they’re all about. One afternoon in Kuala Lumpur, we ventured to famous Petaling Market.

Rows and rows of vendors! This one was big on t-shirts, fake handbags, watches, and sneakers. I did end up buying two t-shirts as souvenirs, and practiced my bargaining skills!

And the occasional fruit stand as well!

On the other end of the spectrum, you’ve got one of the many shopping malls that are so popular in Asia.  This may seem an odd choice, but it’s the the spot to go if you want to see how the locals shop. It’s also the spot to go for some much-welcomed air conditioning in this hot and humid city! This particular mall was full of many luxury stores, such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Coach, etc.  Perusing the merchandise, I found that they sold the exact same items as in the US, but often at a higher cost. This was surprising to me, given the exchange rate and the lower per capita income. Perhaps this particular mall caters to the wealthy segment of the population and tourists looking for luxury goods. I didn’t buy anything myself, but it was interesting to see that things aren’t always that different from back home!

Do you enjoy shopping while traveling? Do you prefer markets, malls, or both?

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