Hello Hoi An!

When I first thought about traveling to Vietnam, I focused on the the big cities. I figured I’d want to spend all of my time in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. But my cousin Murali, who had traveled here a few years back, had a great suggestion: the beach! I was initially thinking Nha Trang, but Jenn did a little research and suggested Hoi An. It turned out that getting to and from Hoi An would be much easier, logistically, so that’s where we ended up going. And it turned out to be a great decision!

Jenn also found an amazing hotel, The Boutique Hoi An, which offered a lot of bang for our buck. A place like this would run several hundred dollars per night back home, but was just about $100 per night here. And since we were splitting the costs, just $50 per person, per night… score! The price also included complimentary breakfast, which was awesome. Fresh passion fruit juice and croissants right out of the oven get bonus points in my book! You can really see (taste!) the french influence in Vietnam.

Lots of tropical beverages. And a $4 manicure!

But back to the pool….

And the beach!

A nice way to break up our visits of the big cities. I highly recommend a stop in Hoi An during your travels in Vietnam!

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