Swimming through the streets of Hanoi

I was very lucky with the weather on my trip…. until the day I landed in Hanoi.  It was raining cats and dogs! The 45 minute ride from Noi Bai International Airport to the city was nothing short of a death-defying adventure, as the driver sped through the deluge, with little visibility, swerving around the throngs of motorbikes all around us. I had a few of those “shut your eyes and pray” moments!

The heavy downpour flooded the roads. There was about 4-6 inches of water filling the streets… it seemed like you could have swam through them! Luckily, things were nice and dry inside the hotel. Our home for our stay in Hanoi was the Hanoi Elegance.  At just $40 per night ($20 per person… less than some of the hostels I’ve stayed in!), including breakfast, this place was a steal. As with every accommodation in Vietnam, the staff were incredibly friendly and attentive.

Welcome drinks!

As for the room, it was a bit tight on space, but completely fine for our needs. It was extremely clean, which is always my most important factor! And there were lots of nice little touches, such as complimentary water, flower petals on the beds, and an in-room laptop! Of course I had my handy dandy macbook with me, but that would be a nice perk otherwise.

At least the downpour happened on a travel day, late at night. Rain, rain, go away – lots of sightseeing to do in the morning!

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