Hang Sung Sot Grotto, Cave of Surprises

After my last caving experience, I was a little leery of what Hang Sung Sot would entail. Especially with a moniker involving the word “surprise!” But being a spelunking expert at this point (ha), I figured I’d be able to handle it.  Those of us participating on the excursion took a smaller speedboat from the main ship to the island.

There was a path of steps leading to the entrance of the cave.

See, this is what I expected the first time around… a large cavernous space with tons of room to move around!

Hang Sung Sot Grotta is a three chambered cavern, featuring numerous stalactites and stalagmites.

Photography courtesy of my new friends from Tasmania!

To be completely honest, all the bright lighting and manmade steps and paths made it seem very Disney-fied, which was a little disappointing. I understand efforts to be safe and to accommodate a larger number of visitors, but I think it took away from the natural beauty of the caves. Or perhaps I was just feeling more adventurous and reckless at this point of the trip!

At one point the guide corralled us all over to point out one of the many large rock formations, which resembled a monkey, for example. “Can anyone guess what this formation is? That’s right, a pointing finger!” That wasn’t my first guess, but I’ll let you come up with your own answer….

Totally oblivious to the snickers and giggles, our sweet tour guide carried on towards the next cavern, while a few members of the group stayed behind for some, um, creative photography. Immature shenanigans – the universal language!

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