Hanoi Hodgepodge

Upon returning to Hanoi from the Halong Bay excursion, Jenn and I were informed that our hotel room had been “upgraded” due to overbooking. I’m a little weary of these last minute switch-a-roos, but in this case, it actually was an upgrade. Our room at the Elegance Ruby was perfectly nice, but our room at the Elegance Diamond was even better, and in an equally charming neighborhood. If you find yourself in Hanoi, I highly recommend staying at any hotel in the Elegance group. Affordable and comfortable accommodations, with a staff who could not have been any more pleasant!

I’m a Dong Millionaire!!!

Just noticed how “tired” I look in these photos… I should have used my millions for a facial at the hotel spa!

As with most of our lodgings, breakfast was included, but it was exceptional at the Diamond. The dining room was located on the top floor, so we got to enjoy the nice views as well!

I wanted to spend the my last day and a half in Hanoi just wandering around the city, and checking out a few more historical sights. Jenn preferred to spend the rainy day catching up on work and relaxing in the spa, so we each did our own thing.  As much fun as it is to have a travel buddy, it’s equally nice to have time to yourself to explore on your own! Here’s what I saw:

These next two are a little blurry, but I still love them!

Cheers Hanoi! It’s been a great visit!

6 Comments on “Hanoi Hodgepodge”

  1. I love your photo of the man crouching by the water. The blurriness almost makes it look like its raining & I think it adds to the mood. Btw, you look totally gorg in the last photo!

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