Midnight in Paris

I’m not much of a movie person.  Unless it was an in-flight option, chances are I haven’t seen it.  And while others love watching their favorite DVDs over and over,  there are only a handful of movies I enjoy watching more than once.  So I was pleasantly surprised to find myself smitten with Midnight in Paris… and even more surprised that I watched it again later that week (Thanks OnDemand!). I was hooked from the opening credits. Woody Allen films Paris with such love that you can’t help but become enamored. The incredible soundtrack helps too! I was immediately reminded of  my short stay in Paris back in 2006, with my friend Denise. We were in London for a longer trip, visiting our friend Jen, and took a few days to see the City of Light. 

(Sidenote: It is amazing how much digital cameras have improved over the last decade… these were all taken with my first Sony Cyber-Shot, which probably had  about a 3.0 Megapixel capability!)

This comedic film centers on a newly engaged couple, with Owen Wilson playing the affable Gil and Rachel McAdams playing the materialistic Inez, and the experiences they have in Paris that change the course of their lives. In their own way, they each fall under the  illusion that a life different from their own would be a better one. When the plot takes a fantastical turn, Gil finds himself in the center of  the roaring 1920’s, and is suddenly hobnobbing with the likes of Fitzgerald, Hemingway, and Picasso, among several historical characters.

This is one of those movies that people will either love or hate. Those that enjoy character driven pieces will find themselves drawn in, as I did.  Personally, I adored Midnight in Paris, and I can’t wait until I have another chance to visit this captivating city! I can imagine myself listening to “Si tu vois ma mere” on my iPod, as I stroll through the streets of fair Paris, soaking it all in!

10 Comments on “Midnight in Paris”

  1. I love Woody Allen and enjoyed Midnight in Paris too. Recently I saw his latest film To Rome With Love but was less taken by it. Anyway, I’m glad I’ve discovered your blog. 🙂

  2. Really? Nobody’s going to say anything… I’m going to be the bad guy…. *sighhhhhhhhh* Owen Wilson is the worst actor in film today, and this was by far his best example of why. He stumbles through each scene with a painful hemming and hawing that shows his complete lack of range and makes what would otherwise be an enjoyable film excruciating to watch. He should stick to crashing weddings and having “walk offs” with Derek Zoolander. 🙂

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