The Alabama Shakes

Image Credit: Alabama Shakes

My friend Jon and I got tickets to see the Alabama Shakes Monday night. We decided to make a night of it (go big or go home), so we made pre-concert dinner plans as well. As luck would have it, it happened to be Philadelphia Restaurant Week.

Somewhat surprisingly, we were able to make reservations the morning of. And so we ended up having a fantastic dinner at El Vez, a glitzy Mexican restaurant in Center City. The decor was typical Steven Star -flashy and tricked out. Right up my alley!

Image Credit: Open Table

I had heard good things about this place, and was not disappointed. For just $35 we each got 4 delicious, and huge, courses. Of course we had to try the Margaritas (when in Rome): Jon tried the El Vez and I got the Pineapple, which came in a cinnamon sugar rimmed glass, and was amazing. Here’s a photo sampling of the dishes we had. Forgot about the second course, whoops!

El Vez Philadelphia

El Vez Philadelphia

El Vez Philadelphia

El Vez Philadelphia

Thanks to modern technology, Jon’s friend Brady saw that we were at El Vez, and messaged us saying that we had to try the photo booth, and being the adventurous (ridiculous) types that we are ,we went for it…

El Vez Philadelphia

We left El Vez completely stuffed. I was thankful for the walk to the car, just so I could walk off dinner before the main event, which took place at the Electric Factory. Before the Shakes there were two opening acts. Both were pretty good, although I could not tell you who they were! No announcements or signs. That is what I would call bad PR…

The one thing that really stuck out to me was the diverse crowd. There was the college crew, as expected, but there were also a ton of older people, and even a few grade school kids with their parents, which I did not expect! Made for a really fun crowd. Two hours later, the Shakes came on stage. It was a phenomenal show! If you’ve never heard of the Alabama Shakes, give them a listen (see below). They are a feel good, soul-shaking band, with incredible musicality. Lead singer Brittany Howard’s voice is phenomenal; at once, both refreshingly unique and comfortably nostalgic. I dare you not to sing along!

10 Comments on “The Alabama Shakes”

  1. So glad you guys were able to see the Shakes! This is my favorite song, hands down. But their entire album is fabulous. Everyone here in Alabama raves about them — guess we’re proud one of our bands has hit it big! I missed seeing them when they played a couple sold-out shows here. That won’t happen next time!!

  2. I didn’t realize you had never been to El Vez before- otherwise we could have rectified that situation a long time ago. I love El Vez! Where else are you gonna find 7 different kinds of guacamole in one place? And I am loyal to the Blood Orange Margarita, whoot! Glad you guys had a great time! 🙂

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