Esperanto, NYC

Despite traveling to cities all over the world, New York remains my favorite! Last month I spent four amazing days in NYC. Of course it flew by entirely too fast, but I made the most of it. I arrived on a friday evening, and met up Mike, Robyn, and Tash. After dinner we made our way to Esperanto for drinks.

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Located in Alphabet City, Esperanto Brazilian & South American Bistro was one of my regular spots when I lived in New York, and it’s still as popular as ever. Impressive, given the amount of turnover in the city!

Although we didn’t have dinner this particular night, we have eaten here many times in the past, and I can tell you that Esperanto serves up delicious, authentic Brazilian cuisine. I love the bright and eclectic decor, and the friendly bartenders. They make the best cocktails… I’m partial to the mojito! Esperanto NYC

The best part? The live music! Small space aside, there’s always room for dancing. My kind of joint!

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