A Hurricane Inspired Haircut

Hello friends! After being off the grid for several days, we finally had power restored on Friday. One exciting outcome of Hurricane Sandy was that it inspired me to get a haircut! Random, you say? Yes, but let me explain. Far from the devastation that ravaged New York and New Jersey, here in PA we just had the minor inconveniences of no electricity and heat. We bundled up in many layers, cooked food on the gas grill outside, and used flashlights and Yankee Candles for light. But no electricity also meant cold showers. You’d think that my hostel stays this year would have prepared me for the experience, but it was still unpleasant! The one thing I couldn’t bear to do though, was wash my hair… it was just too cold! So by Thursday I thought it might be time for a trip to the salon for a wash and cut. I was long overdue for a haircut since my last one was before my trip. And when my hair gets this long, I just get the urge to chop it all off!



I ended up with quite a drastic haircut – almost ten inches cut off! As I have in the past, I donated my hair. There are several options available for hair donation if you’re interested (see below). I didn’t get a good shot of the front, but here’s one from  my weekend in DC – that post is coming up next!

Pantene Beautiful Lengths

Locks of Love

Wigs for Kids

13 Comments on “A Hurricane Inspired Haircut”

  1. That’s awesome you donated your hair! I’ve been thinking of doing that especially after a random trip to Seattle (and days w/o a good hair washing).. hadn’t heard of Wigs For Kids, glad I read your post!

    • Thank you! It’s hard to believe that there are still so many people without power… praying it gets restored soon, especially since it’s supposed to snow tomorrow night.

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