A weekend full of friends and history in DC, Part I

This past weekend, I met up with several friends in DC. My former Upper East Side neighbors, Anand and Naga, moved to the DC area about a year ago, and just had a baby girl! So aside from catching up, we also wanted to meet the baby and celebrate Anand’s Birthday.

Saturday morning, we met up for brunch at the Silver Diner in Arlington, and then headed back to Anand and Naga’s house for some quality time with Miss Noa. She is super cute and snuggly!

After a fun visit, Manj and I headed back to our hotel. But we all met up again later that night for dinner at Jaleo, in honor of Anand’s birthday!

Jaleo https://labtofab.wordpress.com/

There were nine of us plus Noa… who must have thought we were all a total snoozefest, as she slept the entire time. Seriously though, what a good baby!

Jaleo is the brainchild of renowned chef, Jose Andres, who serves up inventive Spanish Tapas at this downtown restaurant. We each ordered a few things and shared. As you can imagine, everything was amazing.  The croquettes arrived in this plastic shoe!

And of course, there was cake for the birthday boy!

It was so wonderful catching up with everyone at dinner and afterwards for cocktails. I just wish I had taken more/ better photos! I always feel like I’m taking so many at the time, only to realize later that I didn’t take as many as I would have liked.  Does that ever happen to anyone else?

Next up: a walking tour of DC!

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