Video: Traditional dancers in Cartagena,Colombia

It was a beautiful evening for a quiet dinner al fresco, on a sleepy street in Cartagena’s old city. Almost like magic, a caravan of traditional performers appeared in the dark night. The rhythmic music and bold costumes showcased the dancers, who moved barefoot on the cobblestone street. A few more dances were performed, coins were given by onlookers, and the troupe departed as quickly as they had arrived.

PS – This is my first video post… let me know what you think!

10 Comments on “Video: Traditional dancers in Cartagena,Colombia”

  1. Interesting dancers of the night on the cobblestone street. PS: Have you seen the movie “Romancing the Stone” when they are in Cartagena? My boyfriend knows every word line for line of that movie and once told me he had lived there as a small boy.

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