Thursday Travel Theme: Hot, Hot, Hot

Today’s travel theme is HOT. So many photos to choose from, that I couldn’t pick just one…

Singapore food

First up, dinner in Singapore. I love spicy hot food! One of the most delicious meals I’ve ever had.

Sunset Zambia Zambezi

Next, a gorgeous Zambian sunset, taken on a Zambezi river cruise. With all those warm colors in the sunset, you can almost feel how hot that sun is!

dancers colombia cartagena Mr.Babilla

And lastly, another kind of hot, courtesy of the amazing dancers of the Mr.Babilla bar in Cartagena, Colombia! To be fair, this isn’t the most flattering photo of them. But the minute those choreographed dancers jumped on the bar and started dancing, the entire crowd went wild. Talk about hot!

4 Comments on “Thursday Travel Theme: Hot, Hot, Hot”

  1. I grew up in Singapore – the moment I saw that photo – I knew it had to be Singaporean (or possibly malaysian!) I have not had Stingray with Blachan for over 2 years, or the crab….i miss it! Thanks for sharing – you just made my day 🙂

    • It must have been amazing to grow up in Singapore – glad that the post brought back good memories! The crabs and stingray were AMAZING 🙂

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