A Sari Party

A few weeks ago, we celebrated my aunt & uncle’s 25th wedding anniversary. My two younger cousins threw a fabulous surprise party in honor of their parents. I glammed it up for the occasion; it was a “Sari Party,” as my friend Robyn says!

Front and side views of the sari. 

This particular sari was given to me by my aunt in Australia when I was visiting in May. I was happy to have a fun occasion to wear it to!

The girls went all out for the party:

https://kavi360.com/ sari

The setup

https://kavi360.com/ sari

My sister and I with our cousin/ party planner extraordinaire!

https://kavi360.com/ sari

Memories… We were unable to attend the actual wedding back in 1987, but we visited my aunt and uncle in London a few weeks afterward, during my winter break from school. I remember being excited about the plane ride and meeting them both for the very first time. I have vivid memories of reading my travel journal to my new uncle – it was an elementary school assignment since I was missing class for a few days! I wish I still had it; I can only imagine the things I would have written back then!

https://kavi360.com/ sari

Friends, family, and great food.

https://kavi360.com/ sari

A few of the aunts and cousins.

https://kavi360.com/ sari

My family ❤


My sister with one of our youngest cousins

A great way to kick off the holiday party season!

14 Comments on “A Sari Party”

  1. What a lovely little family! So full of love and life! Enjoyed the post Kavi! And look pretty in Saree! 🙂


  2. you looks great… I love Sari, almost buy one when I was in Mumbai many year ago… but change my mind because the seller auntie told me that it is hard to put on. I end up buying set of colorful and shiny bracelet 😀

    • haha I think you made a good decision… I had to enlist my mom and aunts to help me drape it correctly! I’m sure you get a lot more use out of those bracelets 😉

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