Award Season


While it is the season of the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Golden Globes, and Oscars for the rest of the world, it also seems to be award season here within the blogging community; I have been very blessed to receive two more blog awards! When I first started out,  I remember seeing awards on other blogs, and hoped to one day earn my own. As little as a few months ago, I wondered what it would take for someone to notice my little piece of the blogosphere. Then one day it happened! And when it rains, it pours. I was given the One Lovely Blog Award from the the adventurous Snigdha over at Get Set And Go, and the Beautiful Blogger from one of my favorite jet setters, Travel With Jodi. If you haven’t read these blogs yet, check them out.  I truly feel like I know these girls after months of reading their blogs! I absolutely love being part of the blogging community, which has provided me with so many great friendships with people around the world. Thanks again!



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