Roll out the white carpet


Despite the cold weather, I was eager to get outside and start exploring. Although I didn’t venture too far, I did walk around for a bit. To be honest, it’s pretty nice when the sun is out. The air feels fresh and brisk!

I really like Chicago’s landscape. I mean, there is a massive lake RIGHT THERE, as well as parks and green spaces, mixed in with all sorts of buildings and high-rises… and a castle.


My curiosity got the best of me, and I did a little research. This structure is the Chicago Water Tower. It was built between 1867 and 1969, and housed a device used to regulate water pressure. It is also relevant to the city’s history as one of the few buildings that survived the Great Fire of 1871. Interesting!


Something about this street corner really reminded me of NYC. Guess it’s the shopping!

I enjoyed my walk, but every now and then, a big gust of wind came out of nowhere, and my hair flew all over the place! Chicago ladies, how do you keep your hair looking so nice under all those hats and hoods? My friend Kedar saw this photo and commented that I looked like an Eskimo!

But luckily I had such warm coat because a few days later the Chicago area was hit with its biggest snowstorm in two years, resulting in about 9 inches of accumulation. As my friend Babs said, Chicago rolled out its white carpet for my arrival!  Thank goodness my mom made me pack my snow boots. Moms always know best, don’t they?



The great white expanse is Lake Michigan!

This forecast for the weekend is a balmy 47 degrees. Looking forward to getting outside and exploring my new town!

1 Comments on “Roll out the white carpet”

  1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying Chicago! I used to walk around the city for hours looking at the buildings, etc. It’s truly a great place to live. And I loved the Water Tower! We used to walk buy it on wintry days while heading to Ghiradelli’s for hot chocolate! Yum!

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