Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago


Zoo Day! The Lincoln Park Zoo is a free Chicago attraction. It has an interesting connection to my last two cities, New York and Philadelphia. In 1868, the Lincoln Park commissioners were gifted two swans from Central Park, thus becoming the first residents of the zoo. In 1874, the Philadelphia Zoo sold a bear cub to the Lincoln Park Zoo… for just $10!  According to the park’s historical timeline, the bear was a bit of a Houdini, as it was skilled at escaping, and found roaming Lincoln Park on many nights!

We saw primates of all kinds…


Real cats, toy cats, and cat tattoos… cheetah spots to be exact!


A polar bear who was trying to beat the heat…


And a poor camel with a  deflated hump! You might have thought he was dehydrated, as we did at first. But I later learned that a camel’s humps store fat, not water. When a camel’s fat stores are depleted, the heavy hump falls to the side. Who knew?

Did you know that fish eat salad? We saw this feeding frenzy in the fish tank.


A beautiful day at the zoo!



4 Comments on “Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago”

  1. I love going to the zoo – well when the zoo’s are good! If you ever get a chance to travel back to Singapore, you have to go to the Zoo there, it is one of my favourite places in the world! PS love the cheetah head tatoo 🙂

    • Isn’t that the craziest tattoo?! The funniest thing is that a few hours later, I noticed he was sitting next to us on the bus ride home!

      I did not have a chance to visit the zoo in Singapore, but I’ll make a note of that for my next trip (I’d love to go back!). The Lincoln Park zoo isn’t the best, but it is free; it’s nice that it’s accessible to everyone. My favorite zoo so far is San Diego!

  2. We usually don’t like to pay for caged animals but since this one was free we didn’t feel guilty of getting in and check the animals. Nice photos 🙂

    • Interesting perspective 😉 It’s a wonderful learning and educational opportunity for children, and I love that the free admission makes it accessible to everyone. Glad you liked the photos!

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