Bip Bip (snap snap)


I barely speak 10 words of Portuguese.  But music transcends language, and listening to the musicians at Bip Bip was one of the highlights of my trip to Brazil.

Located on a side street off of the beach in Copcacabana, Bip Bip is a tiny hole-in-the-wall establishment featuring live music and a self-serve fridge full of beer in the back.  Watching the scene from his plastic chair perch is an older gentleman, the owner, who keeps track of drinks via pencil and paper.  You pay at the end.  There’s something so charming and old-fashioned about the whole thing, making you want to stay even longer. As for the show itself, well, it’s like watching a group of friends hanging out in their living room, singing and playing whatever strikes their fancy.  And at the end of a song, the crowd offers soft little snaps into the warm night air to show appreciation. A beautiful experience.

Of course I can’t name any of the songs they sang that night, but this one has been on my ipod for years and has the same vibe.  “A Flor E O Espinho” by Paulinho Moska, from “Woman On Top,” an ok film, with a great soundtrack.

3 Comments on “Bip Bip (snap snap)”

    • Glad you enjoyed it, Cher! For some reason I’ve always enjoyed music of all languages; you can get the gist and feeling behind the songs even if you don’t understand all of the words!

      • Yes, isn’t that amazing. I think it really goes along with the fact that music resonates deep within everyone so language is more of an ‘afterthought’ if that makes sense!!

        Cher xo

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