Austin, TX: So Close, Yet So Far Out

With all of the record cold temperatures and snowfall we’ve been having here in Chicago, a weekend getaway was in order. So I headed to Austin, TX to visit with my cousins and their adorable little girls.   However, the cold weather must have followed me as it was 39 degrees and icy when I landed! Thankfully, the rest of the weekend was in the much-more-acceptable 70 degree range.


I had been to Austin once before, but it was a whirlwind wedding weekend and I didn’t get much of a chance to check out the city itself. Austin has the unique quality of being both a state capitol, as well as huge college town, giving the it a quirky, eclectic flavor.







I loved spending so much time with my cutie-pie nieces. We also had a birthday to celebrate!


Kavi auntie always brings presents… it’s one of the fun parts of being an aunt!


Bows and a cell phone… what more does a girl need?


Someone thought it would be funny if her mommy, auntie, and sis all wore bows too…


…and even more funny to wear all the bows at once! The best part was when she saw herself in the mirror and started cracking up!


“Hey sis, I could use one of those bows!”  When I wake up in the morning, this is what my hair looks like too!

photo 4

We had some fun at the park…


…before catching up on some important messages. “Call me maybe!”


Then the grown-ups headed out for some fun times of our own!


DSC04647 - Version 2


Before I knew it, it was time to head back to Chicago. Luckily, I had this little lady to take me back to the airport! I had a blast visiting with my family. Looking forward to the next time!

photo 3

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