Did you keep a diary as a kid? Surprising as it may be, since I now share my entire life online, I never had a diary! I tried a few times, but inevitably, the book would be tossed in the back of my closet after a few days. Perhaps that was for the best!

For those of you who were avid diary writers, imagine revealing those cringe-worthy musings to a room full of strangers! That’s the premise behind Mortified, a stage performance where people share their most mortifying stories of the past through diaries, letters, artwork, and photos.

Tedd told me about the show during brunch a few weeks back, so I joined him and his friend Candace to see it last Saturday. Tickets quickly sold out, so it seems that the traveling show (with local contributors in every city) has quite a following.


As with many of these performance art type shows, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. There’s funny and poignant, and then there’s super awkward. But I have to say, the 5 storytellers were phenomenal! It’s clear that the Mortified producers carefully select contributors, and work with them to curate and streamline their performances, which made for a great show.


Mortified tours across 10 cities in the US – and Sweden! If you can’t make a live show, you’ll still have a chance to hear these hilarious and moving stories through the Mortified Nation documentary, available on Netflix. I thought the show was so interesting that I plan to check out the movie soon too.

Now tell me, what’s your most mortifying moment? 😉

10 Comments on “Mortified”

  1. Yes def kept a diary for many many years its super funny to go back and read them now. Figure I’ll give them to my kid someday to quench those ” Mom you have no idea!” moments

    • Joooddiiii! So great to hear from you babe. And yes, I can imagine how funny YOUR diary would be given how fun-loving and adventurous you are now! xo

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