Chicago Pride Parade


Hey y’all. It’s been so long since I’ve posted that I’ve practically forgotten how to do it. By now, you know my stance; I love blogging, but if it’s a choice of staying inside to draft a post or being out and about, I’ll always choose real life! I do plan to write more in the upcoming weeks, but if you’d like to keep up with me between posts, please follow me on Twitter and Instagram!

We’ll start back up again with a simple post; more of a photo essay. Yesterday was Chicago’s Pride Parade. I’ve been to the parade in New York, but this was my first one in Chicago. We kicked off the day with brunch at Evelyn’s and drinks on her rooftop (great views, but no pictures! I need to get back into blog mode!), before heading over to the parade.

Everyone has a different parade viewing strategy. Some are lucky to watch from the comfort of home:


Tamara wanted to be front and center, where the action was:


While Beth, Evelyn, Maria, and I took shelter in the shade (the vantage point from the additional height of the step helped too!):



If you love people watching as much as I do, the Pride Parade is a good spot for it. These getups were definitely the most tame of the bunch, but you can use your imagination!


Lots of fun floats, and good music too.






A great way to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon, and a great day for love and equality!


3 Comments on “Chicago Pride Parade”

    • Aww thanks so much Cher! I missed my blog friends as well! Trying to get back into it. Where do you find the time to write/post?!

      • Well I try to sit down and focus! It isn’t easy, but whenever I can I will write and ‘try’ not and let other distractions overrule my writing! 😉 Again, it is so wonderful to see you! Cher xo

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