Counting Crows at Ravinia


The first concert I ever attended was Counting Crows (featuring the Goo Good Dolls), 17 years ago; Monday night I had the chance to hear them play again! This time, at Ravinia, with Toad The Wet Sprocket. Talk about reliving the 90’s. One of the best music producing decades, in my opinion!


Right before the Counting Crows concert, 1997. What are we wearing? Why do I have glasses on? 90’s mysteries we will never know the answers to 😉

The concert was held at Ravinia, which is such a fun summer venue. While traditional seats are available, most people opt for the lawn where picnicking is taken to a whole new level! It’s nice to enjoy the music from the comfort of your own space, but also have the option to check out the show at the back of the theater.


My friend Tamara and I got tickets ages ago. My friend Tedd was also going with a group, and invited us to join them. That’s half the fun! Meeting new people and sharing food and drinks. We also made friends with two older gentleman, who were quite characters. One was wearing the brightest neon yellow shirt (pardon me, tank top) I ever saw, and may or may not have multiple fiancés. Like I said, the fun part of Ravinia!

As for the concert itself, I was pleasantly surprised.  I have one Toad the Wet Sprocket song on my iPhone, “Something’s Always Wrong,” which is one of my favorites, and one which they played that night. But they also played several more that I recognized such as “All I Want,” “Walk on the Ocean,” and more.  Counting Crows was awesome! Adam Duritz sounds just like I remember him from back in the day. Ok, maybe more like I how I remember him from his CDs! Everything they played was familiar, including some of the newer stuff (that I recognized from the radio and from movie soundtracks), but of course my favorites were the oldies from the August and Everything After album, such as “Round Here,” “Rain King,” and of course, “Mr.Jones.”


Tell me, what was your first concert?

6 Comments on “Counting Crows at Ravinia”

  1. Mine was Boy II Men and Montell Jordan! At the Garden State Arts Center in NJ, which also has a great lawn (or used to…it changed some when it changed names to the PNC Bank Arts Center—blargh!). I’ve seen the Counting Crows like eight times & I LOVE them! Glad you had fun!

    • Boyz II Men and Montell Jordan… that is all sorts of amazing! Somehow I don’t think they made it to Centre Country, PA 😉

  2. Garth Brooks, because my best friend, who loves country music, had an extra ticket and wanted company.
    While I can’t say I know anything about country music, the man put on quite a show. 🙂

    • Country… Never would have guessed that, Alina! But sounds like it was a fun time with your friend and you got to try something new 🙂

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