On a more serious note…


This morning, an old friend from high school posted the sentiment below, and it really resonated with me. Anyone else feel this way?

There is so much to feel about right now. Gaza. Syria. Iraq. Robin Williams. Michael Brown. The war against women. The war against black men. I can’t listen to the news or read my facebook feed without tears coming to my eyes… I feel so much all the time.”

Feeling so much all the time seems to sum it up pretty well. I’ve been feeling a lot lately, which can sometimes be a dangerous thing. Perhaps it’s the scientist in me, but I’m the kind of person that’s drawn to analysis and logic, research and discourse. But on the flip side, I also tend to be quite empathetic, and well, soft. Which, for some reason, has made the last few weeks of news harder to handle than usual. Personally, it’s been a rough couple of days with an ailing family member and the death of a close friend’s father. Still, there are many bad things that happen in the world (and our own backyards) all of the time, so it’s strange when these types of feelings hit you at one particular time.

It’s also a weird position to be in when you’re generally a happy and positive person. For one thing, people grow to expect it from you all the time, but also, there is a guilt for doing and sharing fun things when so many people aren’t in that place. How do we strike the balance between being grateful and joyous, while being fully aware of what’s going on in the world around us?

9 Comments on “On a more serious note…”

  1. Oh. I totally relate to this. Been so teary lately. Just feeling so much… about so many things. It’s overwhelming. Nice to know I am not the only one, though. xx

    • Agreed; it can certainly be overwhelming at times. It’s nice to have a forum to express this, and great people such as yourself to discuss with!

  2. I hope you don’t mind I had to share this. I have been thinking and feeling the same thing for a couple weeks now. Thanks for putting feelings into words 🙂

  3. Thank you for writing this! I think it is often overwhelming when we look around and see such hurt and pain. It can make celebrating the good times hard to do. It can all be too much sometimes! But I think that’s why we have each other, to share the burden and hurt of the hard times, but to also share our joys and successes!

  4. Yep, same. I’ve stopped reading the news for now, just to give myself a break. Or, I tend to avoid the most explosive topics… I hate the war in Gaza, I get angry over so many things, and especially reading comment fields – I’ve got to stay far away from those. Far away. I get this sense of despair, thinking why do people have to make problems all the time? ALL the time, seems this is the age of ego-centrism, where getting along is not very high on people’s priority. It makes me want to run up in the mountains and start a self-sufficient little farm somewhere. :-/

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