Road Trip!


Back in May, my friend Maria and I talked about taking a trip together later in the year. There was no shortage of great ideas, including everything from a leisurely Scandinavian cruise, to soaking up the sun and history in Croatia, to a yoga retreat in Bali. But one morning I randomly struck up a conversation with a guy on the shuttle to work about a trip he did out West, and it got us thinking… What about visiting some of the places in our own back yard? Ah yes The Road Trip: A time honored tradition, and classic American pastime!


After a lot of brainstorming, we came up with a route that will start in Seattle, and continue through Oregan, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana, as we tour several of our great National Parks! As I mentioned in the last post, we wanted to do a trip that makes the most of two weeks off, and a road trip does just that. We also wanted an active trip, and sure enough, we will be doing a lot of hiking, running, boating, and perhaps even some yoga!

Were you as surprised by our destination as we were?! Both Maria and I love visiting international destinations so this was quite a different choice. But we decided to give our passports a break in order to visit some of the great destinations close(r) to home. Plus, a road trip with a good friend is always a fun time!


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