Daaaaa Dash!


Saturday morning, I ran my second official 5K! Tamara scored free registration for the both of us when her friends couldn’t make it last minute, and invited me along. And so, I found myself amidst hundreds of other mustachioed, aviator-clad runners at the Soldier Field Ditka Dash!


It was a really fun time! In my limited experience (n=2), you run faster and easier when surrounded by a big crowd, and when there’s so much energy and excitement!


I still don’t consider myself a runner – it’s definitely not “fun” for me, and I max out at 3.1 miles – but I do think it’s a great workout. I just came across this article, purporting that I’ll enjoy running more if I just follow a few recommended tips. We’ll see! In the meantime, there’s always fun runs with friends!


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