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My first opera: Satyagraha

Last summer, before my friend Jenn moved to the west coast, we came up with a “local” bucket list. Basically a list of things that we’ve always wanted to see or do here in New York, but just never got around to doing. One of the things on my list was seeing an opera at […]

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Miss Shirley’s

If you find yourself in Charm City, stop by Miss Shirley’s for brunch, hon!  

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Beakers and Bourbon

Cocktails with a side of science? Yes please! Friday night, my friend Manj, the purveyor of cool, planned a night out at Slightly Oliver, the UWS’s newest gastropub. I knew I’d be in good hands when I saw the scientific labware setup in the back. Our server suggested that I try the Sailor’s Punch, a concoction of rum, bitters, […]

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