Beakers and Bourbon

Cocktails with a side of science? Yes please! Friday night, my friend Manj, the purveyor of cool, planned a night out at Slightly Oliver, the UWS’s newest gastropub. I knew I’d be in good hands when I saw the scientific labware setup in the back.
Our server suggested that I try the Sailor’s Punch, a concoction of rum, bitters, allspice, and a slice of apple. A festive cocktail, perfect for the holiday season. Tastes like Christmas in a cup!

Despite the extensive menu of specialty drinks, I stuck with Christmas for the night.  Amongst other things, my friends tried the Bolliwood Punch and the Goblin Punch, both of which had bold, unique flavors.  The space itself was well decorated, with high ceilings, brickwork, mood lighting, and of course, the aforementioned laboratory. The DJ enhanced the vibe, playing an eclectic mix of rock, 80’s and British tunes. I think I’ve just found my new favorite hangout spot!

What’s your favorite neighborhood bar?