Bip Bip (snap snap)

I barely speak 10 words of Portuguese.  But music transcends language, and listening to the musicians at Bip Bip was one of the highlights of my trip to Brazil. Located on a side street off of the beach in Copcacabana, Bip Bip is a tiny hole-in-the-wall establishment featuring live music and a self-serve fridge full […]

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New Year’s Eve 2014: Rio, Reveillon, and Resolutions

To say that New Year’s Eve in Rio de Janeiro is a big deal would be an understatement. Reveillon is the second biggest party of the year, following Carnival. Following tradition, many people offer flowers and small wooden boats lit with candles into the ocean for Lemanja, the goddess of the sea. My friends from […]

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Blame it on Rio

Following a great week on Ilha Grande, our next stop was Rio de Janeiro.  For better or worse, the return trip to Rio was far less eventful than my adventures getting there! We had booked a ferry ride from Abraao to the port town of Conceição de Jacareí, as well as a van transfer from the […]

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