1000 Steps

Travel has an uncanny way of steering you in a new direction. In my case, I’ve noticed that I’ve been spending a lot more time on outdoor pursuits… and I love it! My aunt enjoys hiking, so I accompanied her on the 1000 Steps hike in Dandenong National Park.

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6 things I learned from caving and kayaking the Yarra river

I envisioned my time in Australia being very low key and relaxing. You know… walks with my uncle and tea with my grandmother. But my first weekend there, my friend Ellie invited me along on her birthday caving and kayaking trip. I figured it would be a fun, new Melbourne experience, so I decided to […]

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Do you come from a land down under?

I love Australia! This is actually my fourth trip to the land down under. The first was a family trip, and the others have been solo. But not really solo because I have family here! So the primary reason for ┬áthis particular trip is spending some quality time with them. The sightseeing will take a […]

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