Pack Smart: Packing Tips For The Fashionable Traveler

The golden days of air travel and getting dressed up for a flight may be long gone, but it’s is no excuse to forget fashion! However, packing light while trying to remain fashionable can be a daunting task.  In preparing for my RTW (round the world) trip, I scoured the web for advice. I found […]

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In Defense Of Suitcases (Or, Backpacking Without A Backpack)

Now that the presidential elections are over, it’s time to move on to a more pressing debate: suitcases vs backpacks!  As I prepared for my around-the-world trip at the beginning of the year, I had a hard time deciding which type of luggage to choose.  As someone with Type A tendencies who likes to be ready […]

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Pack Smart: How to pack for extended travel (the carry-on bag)

A lot of people have been emailing me to ask about extended travel planning.  Most frequently, “What should I pack?!?!” Good question! I plan to dedicate a few posts over the next few weeks answering some of these questions  (and if you have any for me, feel free to ask, either in the comments section […]

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