Jackson Hole, Wy

  When I think of fun cities, my mind goes straight to  places like Las Vegas and New Orleans. New York and LA if you’re a city mouse, perhaps Miami if you’re a beach bunny. But I have a new city to add to that list:  Jackson Hole, Wy. This place is just So.Much.Fun! Prior to […]

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Yellowstone National Park: Grand Prismatic Spring

Have you ever seen a landscape so foreign that you feel like you’re on another planet? The Grand Prismatic Spring at Yellowstone was just that otherworldly and mesmerizing! It’s what you could imagine the surface of Venus or Mars to be like, or given the presence of liquid pools, perhaps one of Saturn’s moons. In any […]

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Cruisin’ the Snake River at Grand Teton National Park

Behold: The Grand Tetons! Back in IL, I had mentioned  the road trip to my friend Andrea, who said that the Grand Tetons were not to be missed. I take recommendations from friends, especially avid-traveler-friends, very seriously, so we added this to the itinerary. Now, when we last left off, our heroines had just bravely […]

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