Yellowstone National Park: Uncle Tom’s Trail and Artist Point

  Just as we parked at the entrance to Uncle Tom’s Trail, we saw the first few drops of water hit our windshield, rapidly developing into pouring rain. No worries; we came prepared with ponchos that Maria had picked up back in Chicago! Uncle Tom’s Trail was developed in 1898 by “Uncle Tom” Richardson, an entrepreneur who took visitors […]

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Yellowstone National Park: Grand Prismatic Spring

Have you ever seen a landscape so foreign that you feel like you’re on another planet? The Grand Prismatic Spring at Yellowstone was just that otherworldly and mesmerizing! It’s what you could imagine the surface of Venus or Mars to be like, or given the presence of liquid pools, perhaps one of Saturn’s moons. In any […]

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Yellowstone National Park: Old Faithful

Next up on our road trip was Jellystone Yellowstone National Park. Home to the majority of the world’s geysers, Yellowstone was established by President Grant on March 1, 1872 as our country’s first national park. This novel concept of a public park open to all spurred a movement to preserve and protect nature for future generations. […]

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