Tiger Paw Hostel, Medellin

I am happy to report that my second hostel experience was much better than the first! After Platypus, this one seemed like the Four Seasons! Tiger Paw is located in the trendy neighborhood of El Poblado. There were tons of restaurants and shops all around the hostel. It also had a traditional setup, with all the rooms located inside the hostel building.

There was a front desk area, bar, and common areas on the first floor, and a few computers upstairs on the second floor. Our room was actually the closest one to the common area. It did get a bit loud at times, but I can sleep through anything so it wasn’t really a problem. The room itself was adequate and clean, as was the bathroom. The best part… hot showers!!! Makes washing your hair and shaving your legs so much easier! The towels were extremely ratty (mine even had a hole in it) but I brought my own quick-dry towel, so it wasn’t a problem for me. ย There wasn’t AC, but there was a standing fan, which really helped with the humidity. I forgot to take photos of the actual room, but there are several available online if you’re like to see for yourself! There was also a very nice patio area out front. At about 33.000 COP per person, per night, or roughly $16.50 USD, it’s a great deal. I would definitely recommend this hostel if you’re staying in Medellin!

12 Comments on “Tiger Paw Hostel, Medellin”

  1. Kavitha, my parents live in Ibague Tolima, if you want to go, please let me know, they will be more than happy to have you there. Sorry about Bogota, you dont have to stay in that horrible hostel, Besos

    • LOL, that’s what I used to think of too! But that was actually misleading because the actual pronunciation is more like “Me-de-JEEN” and when I first said Medellin no one knew what I was talking about!

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